Fizyr Joins Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing Conference 2022

Fizyr Joins Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing Conference 2022

Fizyr is the first company to join the Micro-fulfilment & Warehousing Conference organised by The Logistics Point on the 8th March 2022. Herbert Ten Have, CEO of Fizyr, will share more information about automation, warehouse improvements and more.

Fizyr designs, builds, and installs a standardized computer-vision software that detects unknown objects varying in shape, size, colour, material or stacking. Its robust algorithms provide over 100 applicable grasp poses each second, including classification to handle objects differently, while performing quality controls. Fizyr is trusted as a strategic partner by global leading integrators, thanks to its fully scalable and proven software-only product, for which we provide full insight and control to install, manage, update and support. We empower system integrators to build cutting-edge solutions for the industry’s end users, in multiple high-demand industries, such as e-commerce, micro-fulfilment, parcel handling and more.

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